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Social Media Management to Grow Your Brand & Engage with Customers


Australian’s are among the biggest consumers of social media in the world.  We get social more than 30 times/week, meaning that we spend almost 9 hours/week engaging and interacting with friends, family and businesses on social media.  Unsurprisingly, Facebook continues to be our social platform of choice, with over 14 million active users across the country.

Many business owners overlook the power of social media, however it’s important to remember that it can be utilised to:

  • Connect and engage with existing customers
  • Identify and reach your ideal type of customer
  • Increase and promote brand loyalty and awareness
  • Respond to clients to increase customer service
  • Reach new prospects through the viral nature of social media
Successful businesses with a holistic marketing strategy harness the power of social media management and Facebook marketing to grow their brand, boost website traffic and increase their client base and revenue streams.  Despite the immense usage of social media, it may come to your surprise that only 31% of small to medium businesses in Australia actively operate a social media engagement strategy.  Engaging with a social media manager allows you to get ahead of your competitors and cement your authority with a focused social media strategy.

Reputation management is an important part of a large brand’s digital strategy, but is often overlooked by smaller businesses.  With customer advocacy being vital to the long-term success of a business, a social media manager allows businesses to focus on their core operations while attending to the time consuming exercise of retaining and servicing existing clients while reaching and bringing in new prospects.

Our dedicated social media campaign managers and Facebook specialists take their time to get to know your business, your audience and engage with them to create long lasting and profitable relationships.

Volcano Digital’s Social Media Management Summary:


  • Interact with and respond to existing clients
  • Post relevant and engaging content to build authority and promote products or services
  • Drive traffic from social platforms to your website
  • Redesign of your facebook business page to reflect your branding and persona through imagery and strategic posts
  • No lock in contracts

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