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As a business owner in Sydney, or any other part of the world, SEO is probably an acronym that you’ve come across countless times. Many people see it as a mysterious ‘voodoo magic’ that is not only difficult to figure out, but to implement and maintain successfully. To understand why more than 32% of Australian businesses are using SEO services by engaging with an SEO consultant, we take a look at some key stats relating to internet usage in Australia:

  • 11 million people go online more than once per day, and 62% of these people use 3 or more devices [ACMA]
  • ⅔ of the population go to a search engine like Google, as their first step in the buying process.
  • 6 million queries are made every day on search engines, using smartphones, tablets and computers.

Looking at these numbers, it becomes obvious that there are PLENTY of opportunities to be found and contacted by new customers everyday. Engaging with an expert SEO company is the first step towards success in the digital age.

Here at Volcano Digital, we take businesses from the shadows into the spotlight and cement their digital footprint by using smart, strategic and best practice SEO and content marketing strategies that increase visibility and traffic flows into your website. 

Once we have an in-depth understanding of your business, we dive deep into research to find out exactly what your clients are searching for. Combining thorough keyword research with competitor analysis, means that no stone will remain unturned and you can rest assured that you are going to be found at the right time.

Our dedicated SEO experts get to know what makes your business unique, allowing us to create and publish unique content that relates to your business and industry. Targeted outreach campaigns ensure that you will not only engage with your prospects, but also build trust and establish your business up as go-to authority in your industry, meaning that customers are likely to spend more with you, and more often.


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